Linear Driver Amplifier for 5G Massive MIMO

RFMW has announced design and sales support for a wideband, high-gain, high-linearity driver amplifier. Qorvo’s QPA9120 offers 35 dBm OIP3 for pre-driver circuits used in wireless infrastructure from 1.8 to 5 GHz, including dense array, 5G m-MIMO radios. With 29 dB of gain

IIT Develops 5G Antenna for Mobile Phones

The electronics department of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has developed 5G antenna technology for mobile phones that can eliminate data loss and enhance download speeds 10 times more than current 4G phones. Associate Professor Raghvendra Kumar Chaudhary of the Institutes

Skyworks Amplifier aids Massive MIMO

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a wide bandwidth amplifier from Skyworks Solutions. The SKY66313-11power amplifier offers 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidths and high-efficiency for TDD 4G/5G systems to meet the growing demand for high data rate and low power consumption in massive