University of Delaware 3D Prints Antennas for 5G Networks with X-Jet Technology

Additive manufacturing company X-Jet has reported that the University of Delaware (Udel) has installed an X Jet Carmel 1400 AM System for ceramic 3D printing to develop cutting-edge antenna technology called “Passive Beam Steering”, for amongst other applications, the 5G network. The Carmel 1400, which uses nano particle

KP Performance Antennas Releases Line of Dual-Frequency Omni Antennas

KP Performance Antennas has launched a new series of dual-band (dual-frequency), omni antennas offered in 2GHz/3GHz, 2GHz/5GHz and 3GHz/5GHz configurations. KP’s line of omni antennas consists of 3 models, each with 4-ports, dual-band functionality and horizontal/vertical (H/V) polarization. These antennas provide two