The Importance of Speed: Everyone Wants 5G Now, but What Will it Mean for the Industry and End Users?

Jeff Gudewicz, Chief Product Officer Wilson Electronics What is 5G? First, let’s break 5G down to its most basic level, as 5G is much more than faster data speeds on cell phones. 5G stands for 5th generation of wireless technology. Each generation

Parsec Technologies Announces CAT 18 In-Vehicle Antenna to Meet LTE LAA Specifications for 5G Ready Applications

  Parsec Technologies, Inc. has announced a first to market rugged antenna to meet the LTE LAA specifications for Public Safety, Gigabit LTE, and 5G Ready applications. Parsec’s Doberman antenna series are omnidirectional, ruggedized, high performance antennas covering  cellular frequencies from 600MHz

New Twist on an Old Antenna: Research on Metamaterials Transforms Satellite Communications

Groundbreaking innovations on antenna technology, based on a collaboration between Lockheed Martin Space and Penn State, are now under consideration for use in the next generation of GPS satellite payloads. Douglas Werner, John L. and Genevieve H. McCain Chair Professor in Electrical